FloridaLearns STEM Scholars personnel, teachers, and students are saddened by the loss of James S. Brooks, Ph.D.

FloridaLearns STEM Scholars, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, the Florida State University Physic Department, and many scientists in the international community are deeply saddened by the loss of James  S. Brooks, Ph.D. Dr. Brooks was the project scientist for the FloridaLearns STEM Scholars Project, a member of the project’s statewide advisory board, and worked with many of our STEM Scholars during regional forums and the Summer Challenge entitled, NanoChallenge 3D: Learn, Design, Do! He was a phenomenal teacher with a wonderful gift – that of being able to make complicated science concepts intriguing, understandable and relevant at the level of understanding of those with whom he was working. He was passionate about outreach to K-12 educators and students, an extremely engaging presenter for high school students and teachers, and a mentor to all who had the privilege of working with him.  For more details, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory posted a press release about his death, which is accessible at http://www.magnet.fsu.edu/mediacenter/news/pressreleases/2014/2014sept29.html

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